Relative Adoptions

Relative Adoptions are one of the areas of adoption where I see the highest number of potential clients being given inaccurate advice. Just because you are blood related, that does not make your case a relative adoption under the statute in Florida. In order to qualify as a relative adoption, the relation between the adopter and adoptee must be within the third degree of consanguinity. Far too many times, potential clients hire an attorney that does not specialize in adoption, and attempt to run a non-relative adoption as a relative when it doe not qualify as such. Sadly, it is not until they get in front of the judge and find out they have done the whole process wrong, that they turn around and search for a competent or board-certified attorney so they can get their adoption done legally. 

The great part about relative adoptions in Florida is that they do not need to be bifurcated like non-relative adoptions, and can be filed and handled in one unified proceeding. Additionally, a homestudy and post placement supervision  are not needed, unless subsidy is invovled. This results in a quicker legal process with lower legal fees. If you have any questions regarding a proposed relative adoption, please reach out today.